Stefan Jansson


Born: 1965

Horses: Locatelli -09, own breeding by Loredes-Rubinrot and some more young horses.

Competition results: Bronze at the World Championship for Young Horses 2002 with Rubinrot and a number of victories in the Championship for 5, 6 and 7-year olds/Scandinavian Open with Fleurie, Decorous and Rubinrot.

Goal: My basic goal is to be able to continue to educate young horses, it is so much fun! Of course I also want to compete internationally and in the end represent Sweden in a championship such as the VC or the Olympics.

Driving force: I see it as a privilege to work and train horses. To me it is a driving force just to feel the fellowship to be part of and train and share all these amazingly educational situations that the Knykalas gives you. The strongest driving force to me in my everyday life is the joy of working with the horses!

Strength & weakness as a rider: I can have a problem getting down to action. I like to sit and prepare and prepare to eternity. That is both my strength and my weakness. I am very thorough and like to give my horses a lot of time.

Trains for: Kyra and Kerstin Andre

Me and Knytkalaset

What Knytkalaset gives to me: I have been a part of har the Knytkalas since 2003. To me Kyra is an amazing trainer. She makes the difficult become simpel. Her way of explaining different things makes you really get an understanding of the movement or what you are trying to do. She is incredible with building up the confidence of both the riders and the horses and makes you believe it is possible. It is a true benefit to be part of the Knytkalas and take part of such a lot of good riding and training. It gives you a lot more than just training, both the feeling of unity, social relations and team spirit. You feel that you are a ”Knytkalaserare”. That gives you the feeling on competitions that you always have a support from your colleagues and that somebody is always close by if you need advice and assistance.

What I give to Knytkalaset: I try to be a good role model to both riders and trainers, good horsemanship. I try in the every day life to spred the values and training methods from Knytkalaset to “my” students.

Competition results

Stefan has been a member in Knytkalaset since 2002. Stefan competes with great success and has among others won a bronze medal at the World Championship for Young Horses in 2002 with Rubinrot and furthermore he has a number of victories in the championships for 5-, 6- and 7-year olds/Scandinavian Open with many different horses.

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