Mia von Essen


Born: 1980

Horses: Vivo -96 (Master-Vivaldi), Ferdi – 99 (Federweisser-Charmeur)

Goal: My own goal is to try to get a place in the national team. Then i as well have a separate goal for each single horse that I train and at the moment the goal is international Grand Prix with Ferdi.

Driving force: Horses are my greatest interest! I am stubborn and always want to improve!

My strength & weakness: My strength is that both I and Ebba are good riders and can educate all kind of horses, from young horse up to Grand Prix. And then I am very bold.

Me and Knytkalaset

What Knytkalaset gives to me: When I got the chans of becoming part of Knytkalaset I was very young, only 19 years old. The Knykalas has therefore given me an extremely profound and solid base that has followed through the greater part of my career. The Knytkalas gives me a lot of inspiration, since it is incredibly developing to watch such a lot of good riding and even to see other really good riders solve problems and train. Ebba and I have never missed a training session!

Competition results

Results: Maria, normally called Mia, has competed with great success for many years. She has among others won 2 Swedish Championship gold medals and 1 silver medal as a junior rider. Mia has also won international medals, 2 Nordic Championship gold medals as a junior rider and 1 bronze medal at the European Championship for juniors as well as 1 Swedish Championship bronze medal as a senior rider.

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