Knytkalaset - a long-term elite venture

Sponsorhip - Fellowship
horesemanship - leadership
together we aim for the stars

The idea to support and develop Swedish dressage in a long-term and successful way was created in 1998. Jan Brink and his sponsor and mentor Åke Björsell contacted Kyra Kyrklund and together they designed a training concept for dressage riders at high level.

The basic idea was to raise the standard of educating horses among the talented Swedish riders and trainers. Knowledge is eternal. Goals were set for each student and were to be coordinated with the results later achieved. All students were carefully selected by Åke, Jan & Kyra and a degree of circulation of students was expected.

To begin with the training should take place at Tullstorp for a period of 3 years with 8 - 10 training camps a year. Kyra Kyrklund, who at the time was about to leave Flyinge and move to England, was engaged as the trainer.

The concept was named Knytkalaset, which is the Swedish word for a ”gathering” where everbody brings something to a mutual happening. The name was fitting for the concept since Kyra brougt her knowledge, Jan, the amazing location Tullstorp, Åke, the administration and economical support and the students with their horses and high ambitions.

Everbody was pleased with the concept! After the first 3 years, Knytkalaset was therefore extended for another year and so it continued for several years. Now Knytkalaset has grown due to the support of two main sponsors as well as a number of minor sponsors and the ”Nursery” has been established for the young riders. Soon it will celebrate it’s 20th anniversary and it is here to stay!