Sofie Lexner


Born: 1986

Horses: Tobajo Pik Disney, stallion born 2005 by Tobajo Picez out of Cortez; Red Devil, gelding born 2008 by Don Primero out of Chirac; Valerian, gelding born 2011 by Vivaldi out of Florestan; Fame, stallion born 2010 by Bordeaux out of Rhodium.

Goals: To be able to educate the young horse in the best way all the way up to the GP-top.

Driving force: I have a great love for the horses and they give me so much in return.

Strength and weakness: Strenght: detailed and ambitious in my everyday life. Weakness: easily takes on too much on my shoulders.

Trains for: Rasmus Haid Bondergaard

Me and Knytkalaset

What knytkalaset gives to me: I am very pleased with the great training by Kyra. Kyra is a dressage professor from whom I will try to learn as much as possible.

Competition results

Results: Victories and placements in international GP and has been in the A-squad in the national dressage team with Charming boy.

Image: 2017-02/1486454887_5366-catharinabrink-vit-.jpg Sofie Lexner & Valerian Sofie Lexner & Valerian Sofie Lexner & Valerian Sofie Lexner & Valerian Sofie Lexner & Fame, photo: Lyndal Oatley Sofie Lexner & Red Devil