Ebba von essen


Born: 1974

Horses: Yantuge-2002 (BlueHorse Hertug-Master), Wennica -2002 (Longchamp-Warkant)

Goal: My goals it uppermost to have some of my horses ready for Grand Prix in two years and then to be able to ride in the national team.

Driving force: I have a genuin interest in horses, not just to compete but also to train and to live and to work with them. Furthermore I want to improve. More… and more.

Me and Knytkalaset

What Knytkalaset gives to me: The Knytkalas gives me continuous long-term training. To get the opportunity to train every month and to follow up gives you a sense of security and a unity in the training and your own development as a rider

What I give to Knytkalaset: and my friends is my great driving force and the ”eager beaver” in me. Mia and I never miss a training session and we can always see the bright sight of life and laugh!

Competition results

Ebba is a cousin to Mia von Essen and together they run the competition- and training stable Dressyr Essen. Ebba has competed with success since her time as a junior rider. She won a silver medal at the Swedish Championship for juniors and competed internationally as a Young Rider with a bronze medal at the Nordic Championship as the best result.

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