Charlotta Lundblad


Born: 1995
Horses: Headline, gelding born 2007 by Blue Hors Hotline - Escudo II, Falco, gelding born 2006 by Figaro R - D- Day
Meriter: Med min första häst, Audina har jag ridit 3 SM-finaler. Vi har även tävlat internationellt och placerat oss. Vi har också varit med i det svenska landslaget som tog NM-brons och vi kvalade och red Falsterbo.
Goal: My shot-term goal is to compete at international championships during my last year as a young rider 2016. On a long-term my goal is to competed U25 Grand Prix and become good enough to compete Grand Prix.
Driving force: To alway keep on developing together with my horses. I am also born competitor and is driven by succes at competitions.
Strength and weaknesses: My strength is that I am stubborn, dedicated and good att getting the horses to better express themselves. I also sit well in the saddle. My weaknesses are that I have a temper that sometimes can affect my riding and my stubborness can also become a disadvantage.
Trains for: Kristian Von Krusenstierna and Liane Wachtmeister. During autumn 2015 I will be training for Kyra Kyrklund in England.

Me and Knytkalaset

What the Nursery gives to me: To be able to attend the Nursery training and to see so much good riding is incredibly inspiring. I always leave the Nursery training camps with new tips and ideas from Liane and the other good riders. To be part of such a group of students that all have the same goal and ambitions is important since it can often get very lonely in this sport.

Competition results

Charlotta has competed at 5 Swedish Championships with both pony and horses, thereof competed at 3 SC- finals. She has competed internationally as a junior and youngrider with placements. Charlotta was also in the team that won a bronze medal at the Nordic Championship in 2013 and she has competed at the Gina Tricot Future Elite at Falsterbo.

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