Lina Dolk


Born: 1997

Horse: Jouleen Af Högberget, mare born 2000 (Biggles – Marino).

Results: Is in the observation group for the junior riders. Has competed internationally in Germany and during the Malmö city horse show where we were placed. Went to the final at the SC. Before that I had international victories on pony as well as a team silver medal at the SC, SC bronze individually and team silver at the NC.

Goal: In the short term to be part of the national team and compete at the Nordic and European Championship for juniors next year and long-term to one day become such a good rider that I can compete in Grand Prix!

Driving force: I want to become a really good rider and realizes that I learn new things every day.

Strength & weakness: I love to compete and I am good at showing the horses for the judges in the arena. I am in good physical condition and manages to ride many horses and still be focused. My weakness is that I also want it to look as good as possible when training so I do not really dare to let it look less good before it can become even better than before. Difficult to let go of the control a little.

Trains for: Emelie Brolin

Me and Knytkalaset

What the Nursery gives to me: I am very pleased that I can be part of this group and I believe that I will be able to develop a lot with Liane which is an amazing trainer as well as get to see the other good combinations at the training sessions.

Competition results

Results: Lina is the youngest Nursery student. Lina has competed internationally both abroad and at the Malmö City Horse Show with placements. Lina was also in the finals at the Swedish Championship for junior riders in 2014, she has international victories with ponies, has won an individual bronze medal at the Swedish Championship and a team silver medal at the Nordic Championship.

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