Emelie Brolin


Born: 1984

Horses: Briman, Wishmaster, Miss Copper, Ramses A and Dalwhinnie 1.

Results: 12 SC gold medals as a young rider, competed at 6 European Championships, 2 NC gold medals. At the moment victories and placements up to Grand Prix on the horse Briman. In the national team observation group B.

Goal: International Grand Prix with placements.

Driving force: I love to compete and I love the relation with my competition mates, it is the horses that make you fly out of bed EVERY morning.

Strength & weakness as a rider: Stubborn and good with many different types of horses, love to get out the best of every horse. Need to work more with how I sit in the saddle and the technique.

Trains for: Liane Wachtmester, Mattias Jansson and Anky Van Grunsven.

Me and Knytkalaset

What the Nursery gives to me: Liane is extremely good with mediating the technical details that are required to move on. It is a motivation to go away and train together with your team mates and it is a good concept that helps us riders in our training and planning of competitions. Most of all to have continuos training and a check out on how the training is approaching when you do not have the competitions during winter time.

Competition results

Results: Emelie has won a great number of gold medals at the Swedish Championship from pony to Young Rider. Furhter to that she has won medals at the Nordic Championship and competed at 6 European Championships as a junior- and young rider. Emelie has victories and placements up to Grand Prix and is in the observation group B for the senior national team.

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