Carl Hedin


Born: 1991

Horses: Since I work fulltime with horses in my company Eques Management AB I always have between 8 – 12 horses to train on a daily basis. I have, however, a line of horses that I have been training for a longer period of time and that are the core of my future work:

  • Chabot, (mare, -07 by First Wish – Palermo). Competes with success in the small tour and has generously been made available to me by the owner Ulrika Bynander. The goal is to further strengthen the horse and compete in the Lövsta Future Challenge Cup in 2017.
  • Memphis, (gelding, -05 by Twilight – Regazzoni). Competed in the small tour and is owned by my own company Eques Management. This is a horse with great qualities that I hope to be able to start competing in Intermediaire II during 2017.
  • Cabaletta SB, (mare- 10 by Zuidenwind – Davignon I). During the competition season 2016 she has competed in LA with great success. The horse is owned by Monica Lindstedt and the goal for 2017 is to compete in the small tour.

Goal: My long-term dream is to become the best horseperson in Sweden and I wish to explore my full potential both as a competition rider, educater and business man.

Driving force: To follow the development of the horses day to day.

Strength and weakness: My strenght as a rider is that I easily communicate with animals and that I can work at their level but at the same time be very ambitious for the future. This is also my weakness since I sometimes wants too much.

Trains for: Stefan Jansson (who is a rider in Knytkalaset)

Me and Knytkalaset

What the Nursery gives to me: The Nursery is an amazing initiative in order to wathc over and develop young dressage riders in Sweden. It gives me the opportunity to meet other young dressage riders like myself and gives you a wonderful team feeling. Furthermore, it gives me the opportunity to train for well establised trainers that can give me some tools to further develop as a rider.

What I give to the Nursery? I hope that I can be a good colleague and friend and contribute with a good atmosphere and support for my fellow team mates. Furthermore, I try to be a good representative for the dressage as a whole and hope that I can helt to inspire other young riders that want to work fulltime with their great interest.

Competition results

Results: International placementes, national vicotries and placements.

Image: 2017-02/1486460063_5205-catharinabrink-red-.jpg 2015-08/1440411340_img-1074-red-.jpg 2015-08/1440411310_dsc-0471-red-.jpg 2015-08/1440411635_img-1120-red-.jpg 2015-08/1440411633_img-0665-red-.jpg 2015-08/1440411341_img-2189-red-.jpg 2015-08/1440411662_img-8721-red-.jpg 2015-08/1440411664_inster-red-.jpg 2015-08/1440411418_img-7648-red-.jpg